Huang says that the project, which includes collaborating with local companies to develop shenjiang creative products and souvenirs, is expected to commence next month. Special areas will also be set up to display and sell agricultural products from New Taipei City, which will provide job opportunities to disadvantaged people who will serve as vendors, Huang says. Between 80 and 100 temple lanterns will be hung outside of local shops to give the commercial district a more historic atmosphere, Huang says, adding that the market area around Japan’s Senso-ji will serve as their primary object of study in trying to attract more tourists.

The bureau says that the “Lujhou District shenjiang cultural industries development project” is a three-year project that aims to combine shenjiang imagery with local life, consolidate local industries, help businesses combine their networking resources and reach consensus on various issues. In the process, strengthening local industries and stimulating consumer spending should help the commercial district become a veritable tourist market, the bureau says.




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