Vienna’s iconic cafes are famous the world over, offering customers top-notch coffee and sanctuary from the modern world in an atmosphere that harks back to a golden bygone era.


But one such venerable institution, the 112-year-old Cafe Prueckel, is in hot water over an incident that threatens to tarnish the Austrian capital’s reputation for tolerance just as it seeks to attract more gay tourists.


In the now infamous episode on January 6, lesbian couple Eva Prewein and Anastasia Lopez, 26 and 19, engaged in what the women call merely a "Begruessungskuss" -- a "kiss of greeting" -- at the cafe. The waiter was less than impressed and the couple say they were refused service for more than two hours and then barred when they kicked up a fuss.


Lopez told Austrian newspapers that Christl Sedlar, manager of the cafe on Vienna’s famous Ringstrasse boulevard, informed the outraged pair that "diversity such as this belongs in a brothel, not in a traditional coffee house".



top-notch:形容詞,第一流的。例句:That restaurant’s really top-notch.(那家餐館真棒。)

venerable:形容詞,德高望重的。例如:venerable family(德高望重的家族)。

kick up a fuss:片語,大聲抱怨。例句:Our food was cold so my father kicked up a fuss and refused to pay the service charge.(我們的食物是冷的,所以我爸大聲抱怨,拒絕付小費。)


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