Peter Hahn, a North Korean-born naturalised US citizen, was formally arrested on Friday on charges of embezzlement and counterfeiting receipts, his attorney Zhang Peihong said.


Many Christian groups, mostly run by South Koreans, are active along the border. But they are forced to operate underground as China bans foreign missionaries and vows to arrest refugees escaping persecution in North Korea.


Hahn has been based in the border city of Tumen since the late 1990s, when he founded a Christian NGO providing aid to North Korea and help for refugees. He set up a vocational school for local teenagers in 2002.


Authorities this summer froze Hahn’s bank accounts and barred him from leaving China, according to Chinese media reports.


Hahn is likely to face trial within three months, he said. The maximum sentence for the two crimes is 12 years in prison.



embezzlement:名詞,侵吞、挪用公款;動詞為embezzle。例句:Amy was caught embezzling money from her clients.(愛咪被逮到挪用客戶的款項。)

counterfeit:動詞,偽造、仿冒;亦可作形容詞。例句:They were counterfeiting money in the garage.(他們在車庫裡製造假鈔。)

persecution:名詞,迫害、困擾。例句:He speaks up against America’s persecution of suspected communists.(他為美國迫害疑似共產主義者發聲。)


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