Falling oil prices could have a negative impact on global efforts to develop renewable energy sources, experts warned Saturday at a conference in Abu Dhabi.


Oil prices have fallen by almost 60 percent since June, crashing on worries over global oversupply and weak demand in a faltering world economy.


Participants at the International Renewable Energy Agency conference that opened Saturday in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates said the trend could spell doom for plans to shift to clean energy.


Salem al-Hajraf, representing oil-rich Kuwait at the conference, agreed that falling oil prices posed a "major challenge" this year as was the case two decades ago.


"The fall of oil prices in the 80s was a main reason behind the collapse of many renewable energy projects," he said.


Renewable energy, which relies on solar, wind and other sources, is essential for meeting global CO2 emission targets. (AFP)




殘、削弱。例句:Our country has been crippled by the civil war.(我們國家已因這場內戰嚴重受創。)

spell(doom, trouble...)for something:片語,預示某事註定失敗、遭遇困難。例句:The new tax policy spells disaster for our economy.(這項新稅制政策預言我國經濟將有災難。)

crash:動詞,崩盤、失敗;口語或非正式用法中另有「(未經邀請或允許)擅自闖入」、「在某處臨時過夜」、「(因極度疲累)迅速入睡」之意。用法如:crash a party(混進派對)、crash the gate(沒買票溜進場看電影、演唱會或球賽)。


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