New York’s leaders were on the defensive after shutting down America’s biggest city for a snowstorm that failed to meet expectations here after forecasters warned of a storm of potentially historic proportions.


Before the heavy snows even reached New York City on Tuesday, officials closed schools, shut down bridges and tunnels, canceled commuter rail service and, for the first time ever in a snowstorm, closed the sprawling subway train system. A travel ban was put in place, and drivers were subject to arrest.


But it ended up leaving far less than 30 centimeters of snow in New York City.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio staunchly defended their unprecedented, stringent restrictions, both saying they believed in landing on the side of caution and suggesting they would take such measures again.


"Would you rather be ahead of the action or behind? Would you rather be prepared or unprepared? Would you rather be safe or unsafe?" de Blasio asked Tuesday at City Hall. "To me it was a no-brainer: We had to take precautions to keep people safe." (AP)



on the defensive:慣用語,採取守勢,辯駁。例句:The boy was on the defensive when questioned about shoplifting.(這男孩在被質疑是否於店內順手牽羊時否認。)

shut down:慣用語,關閉。

subject to something:慣用語,可能…。例句:The rules are subject to change without prior notification.(這些規定可能不會事先通知就逕自改變。)


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