The Spanish and Portuguese professional soccer leagues have filed a legal challenge with the European Commission over FIFA’s decision to ban the third-party ownership(TPO)of players.


FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced late last year that soccer’s world governing body had agreed to ban TPO, when the transfer rights of players are wholly or partially owned by a footballer or a company instead of a club.


The Spanish and Portuguese leagues, where TPO is widespread, argue that the ban infringes competition rules as well as regulations on free movement of labour and capital and will be harmful to players and clubs.


FIFA’s move to outlaw TPO came after pressure from European counterpart UEFA, whose president Michel Platini is one of the most outspoken critics of the practice. It is also strongly opposed by World Players’ Association FIFPro.


However, some experts argue that clubs without the spending power of wealthy rivals like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United would be unable to compete at the highest level if access to TPO was denied them.



TPO(third-party ownership ):指足球球隊與第三方(企業法人或自然人)之間的協議,以換取某足球選手未來轉隊產生之經濟權益的所有權持分。

file:動詞,提出(申訴、訴訟)、歸納檔案。例句:A complaint has been filed aganist me.(對我的控訴已被提出。)

infringe:動詞,侵犯、違反。例句:My rights must not be infringed.(我的權利不得被侵犯。)


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