Time now to act on looming water crisis, UN warns 該是對迫在眉睫的缺水危機採取行動的時候了,聯合國警告

Without reforms, the world will be plunged into a water crisis, the United Nations warned.


In an annual report, the UN said abuse of water was now so great that on current trends, the world will face a 40-percent "global water deficit" by 2030 -- the gap between demand for water and replenishment of it.


"The fact is there is enough water to meet the world’s needs, but not without dramatically changing the way water is used, managed and shared," it said in its annual World Water Development Report.


"Measurability, monitoring and implementation" are urgently needed to make water use sustainable, said Michel Jarraud, head of the agency UN-Water and the World Meteorological OrganisationWMO.


Surging population growth is one of the biggest drivers behind the water crisis, the report said.


Earth’s current tally of around 7.3 billion humans is growing by about 80 million per year, reaching a likely 9.1 billion by 2050.


To feed these extra mouths, agriculture, which already accounts for around 70 percent of all water withdrawals, will have to increase output by some 60 percent.AFP



plunge:動詞,使陷入。例句:A series of bad management decisions are responsible for the company’s plunge into debt.(一連串糟糕的經營決策,是造成這家公司陷入負債的原因。)

replenish:動詞,再裝滿,補充。例句:We have to import an extra 4 million tons of wheat to replenish our reserves .(我們必須額外進口400萬噸小麥,以補充我們的儲備糧食。)

surge:動詞,激增。例句:Housing prices have surged in recent months.(房價在最近幾個月快速飆漲。)

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