German employers get creative to skirt new minimum wage 德國雇主為了規避最低工資新規定大展創意

From charging slaughterhouse workers for their knives to compensating staff with tanning salon vouchers, German employers are coming up with creative ways to avoid paying a new minimum wage, angering unions.


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government introduced Germany’s first nationwide wage floor of 8.50 euros per hour early this year. The law was the brainchild of the Social Democrats, who made it a condition of joining Merkel’s coalition in 2013.


The centre-left party argued that it was a necessary response to the sharp rise in low-wage jobs over the past decade.


But in the months since it went into effect it has become clear that not everyone is taking home more pay. The NGG food and catering union is fielding up to 400 calls a day from people who say their employers are finding ways to circumvent the law.


"We’re seeing some employers display an awful lot of creativity to get round paying the minimum wage," Burkhard Siebert of the NGG said.


He said some workers were no longer getting paid for overtime. Others are being charged for drinks and clothing they are required to wear on the job.Reuters



skirt:動詞,迴避(困難、尷尬問題)。例句:The president skirted controversail issues in his State of the Union address.(總統在國情咨文中避談爭議議題。)

come up with:動詞片語,提出、找出(想法、計畫等),趕上。例句:Our government has not yet come up with effective strategies to fight the drought.(我們的政府還沒提出有效的策略對抗這波乾旱。)

get round/around+物:動詞片語,避開問題或法規。get round+人:遊說他人以達成目的。get round to+人或物:設法處理某事。例句:We have found ways to get round the tax rules.(我們找出規避這些稅務規定的方式。)

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