Australian media say a lost humpback whale calf has bonded with a yacht it seems to think is its mother.






The 1- to 2-month-old calf was first sighted on Aug. 17. in waters off north Sydney, and it tried to suckle from a yacht, which it would not leave.






Rescuers towed the yacht out to sea, and the calf finally detached from the boat but still swam nearby, Australian media reported.






The calf appears exhausted but rescuers hope it will continue out to sea and search for its mother or another pod of whales.






"The outlook is not good, but we are giving the calf its only option. It can’t be fed, and in fact we wouldn’t know what to feed it" because it is not weaned, National Parks and Wildlife regional manager Chris McIntosh told ABC radio.






The injured and abandoned baby whale spent days among the yachts in the waters off north Sydney, and was euthanized on Aug. 22. after veterinarians determined that it was too weak to survive on its own. Veterinarians who examined the whale said it’s the most humane option.








bond with:與…有聯繫。例句:A mother naturally bonds with her baby. 媽媽自然會與她的寶寶有感情。




suckle:哺乳,吮奶。例句:The hungry infant is suckling eagerly.這個很餓的嬰兒急切地吸著奶。




wean:使斷奶,使拋棄。例句:She weaned her baby too early.她太早給小孩斷奶。




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