Low oil prices present an opportunity to come to grips with our crumbling infrastructure and the cost of climate change.


The lubricant of the global economy is having a fire sale: a barrel of crude oil in Texas now costs less than $50. Which makes now the perfect time to raise taxes on gas.


The U.S., of course, already has a gas tax, but it has not gone up since 1993. As a result, the things the gas tax is supposed to pay for—roads, bridges, tunnels—are crumbling. And when gas is cheap, people tend to use more of it, and they buy gas guzzling SUV’s while sales of hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars languish.


As a result the air gets worse, whether you’re talking about choking smog, insidious soot or, yes, climate change. A gas tax would help reduce all that damage. And it’s an idea that even some tax-hating politicians have warmed.


And if we really want to get serious about climate change and other environmental ills, we might consider taxing all fossil fuels, which are too cheap given the health costs they impose.



come to grips with:片語,開始處理某件困難之事或人。例句:I cannot come to grips with Alex and his problems.(我沒辦法處理艾力克斯和他的問題。)

languish:動詞,變得無生氣,衰弱。例句:We all languished in the tropical climate.(受熱帶氣候影響,我們都變得疲倦無力。)

insidious:形容詞,(疾病等)不知不覺間造成傷害的;隱伏的。例句:Most people with this insidious disease have no idea that they are infected.(大多數人罹患這種難察覺的疾病,都不知道他們已被感染。)


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