RMS Titanic 鐵達尼號

On April 12, 1912, the RMS Titanic left Southhampton, England for New York City carrying 2,224 passengers and crew. At the time, the Titanic was the biggest ship to ever set sail. People around the world were amazed at the ship’s size and the engineering feat it took to get 52,310 tons of steel to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.
The Titanic’s glory days were, however, short lived. In the early morning of April 15, 1912, the Titanic struck a large iceberg floating in the middle of the Atlantic. The hit caused the ship’s steel plates to bend inward, which opened five of its 16 watertight compartments to the sea. Not long after, the once mighty ship took on more water than it could handle, which caused it to break in two.



1912 年四月十二日,鐵達尼號載著兩千兩百二十四位乘客和船員,從英國南安普敦出發前往紐約市。鐵達尼號是當時航行的船隻中最大的輪船。全世界的人對於它龐大的船身和以五萬兩千三百一噸鋼鐵打造在大西洋上航行的工程絕技感到驚訝。
然而,鐵達尼號光榮的日子卻不長。1912 年四月十五日的凌晨,鐵達尼號撞上漂浮在大西洋中的巨大冰山。這個撞擊造成輪船的鋼板向內彎,導致它十六個防水艙中有五個被打開。不久之後,一度堅固無比的輪船承受了超出它能應付的進水量,導致船身裂成兩半。 



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