Russian model Alisa Krylova canceled her order for the latest Mercedes, spent New Year in Moscow rather than skiing in the Alps and now employs Russian staff rather than foreigners.


The former Mrs Russia and Mrs Globe beauty pageant winner is among Russia’s super rich but even she and many of her wealthy friends are feeling the pinch from the economic crisis.


Driven into "a kind of hibernation", they are steering clear of celebrity parties and trimming spending to make up some of the millions lost to a weak rouble and a falling stock market.


"I am calm in dealing with the crisis, nothing really terrible has happened. Yes, of course, we didn’t fly away on holiday this year because I did not see the point in paying three times over the odds," said Krylova.


But the enforced modesty has not yet driven the super wealthy out of Russia or against President Vladimir Putin.


Since coming to power in 2000, the former KGB spy has tamed the country’s powerful businessmen. Putin made a deal with private owners of big business - be loyal and stay out of politics and you can keep your assets. Reuters



forego:動詞,放棄,自制。也寫為「forgo」。例句:I have to forego my vacation for this big project.(為了這項重要專案,我必須放棄度假。)

steer clear of:動詞片語,避開、躲開。例句:Drivers are advised to steer clear of the I-10 highway from to avoid heavy traffic.(駕駛人被告知避開I-10公路,以免塞車。)

pay over the odds for :動詞片語,為某物付出超過其真正所值的價錢。例句:I won’t pay over the odds for this car.(我不會為這輛車付出超過其應有價值的錢。)


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