E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd reported more than $9 billion in sales on China’s Singles’ Day on Tuesday, illustrating the buying power of the Chinese consumer and the importance of the event in the retail calendar.


The shopping day, similar to Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the United States, comes less than eight weeks after Alibaba’s record $25 billion public share listing in New York.


Alibaba turned Singles’ Day, a Nov. 11 Chinese response to Valentine’s Day, into an online shopping festival in 2009.


It copyrighted the "Double 11" term three years later after recognising its commercial potential.


The numbers this year were boosted by a "pre-sales initiative" under which merchants advertised prices as early as Oct. 15, taking deposits for the items but only processing full payments and shipping the goods on Singles’ Day itself.


Though the 27,000 vendors that take part can boost their sales and gain customers by being featured on Alibaba’s Singles’ Day shopping sites, some have complained that discounts and cut-throat corporate rivalry undercut the benefits.



Singles’ Day:光棍節,流行於中國年輕人間,以單身為傲而慶祝該日。

copyright:動詞,取得版權;名詞指版權。例句:Adam has copyrighted all of his novel.(亞當取得他所有小說的版權。)

cut-throat:形容詞,殘酷的、激烈的;名詞指刺客。例:cut-throat world of entertainment(娛樂圈激烈競爭的世界。)


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