A childhood friend of an Army captain whose wedding was moved to accommodate a round of golf for President Barack Obama said the bride and groom had to quickly scramble to find a Plan B.


But the agile bride and her wedding party still pulled it all off without a hitch, the friend said.


Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr.—both U.S. Army captains stationed in Hawaii—were scheduled to tie the knot Sunday at Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, a military course with ocean views near Obama’s rented vacation home in Kailua.


The couple had previously invited Obama to their wedding, knowing that he’d likely return to his family’s vacation spot for the holidays. They received an RSVP on Saturday from the President declining the invitation but sending them good wishes.


But after their rehearsal on Saturday, they were told they’d have to move their wedding away from the 16th hole because Obama and his friends planned to golf.


The ceremony relocated to another part of the course that offered better views than the 16th hole.


After the ceremony was done, Mallue got a call from the President. The groom’s sister Jamie McCarthy said Obama apologized and congratulated the couple, and the phone call "made their day."



fore:副詞,在前面(方)的;名詞,前面,顯要位置。另在高爾夫球用語有警告球道前方的人注意之意。例句:All these rumors brought the lay-off plans to the fore.(種種傳言使裁員計畫受到注意。)

pull something off:動詞片語,達成困難或意料之外的事。例句:We pulled off a turnaround in the last minute and won the game.(我們成功在最後一刻逆轉戰局,贏得比賽。)

make(one’s)day:動詞片語,使某人愉快。例句:This trip really made my day.(這一趟旅程真的令我很開心。)


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