A Canadian woman was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Thursday for causing two deaths in 2010 when she stopped her car on a Quebec highway to help a group of ducklings crossing the road.


Emma Czornobaj had been convicted in June of two counts each of criminal negligence and dangerous driving causing death.


According to media reports on Thursday, Czornobaj stopped her car abruptly in the passing lane of a highway south of Montreal when she saw the ducklings. The motorcycle behind Czornobaj’s car then crashed into her vehicle, killing the 50-year-old man driving the motorcycle and his 16-year-old daughter.


"I just wanted to pick all these ducklings up and put them in my car," Czornobaj had testified during her trial. "I know it was a mistake."


Prosecutors had sought a nine-month jail sentence.(Reuters)




count:名詞,計數、總數;法律用語指罪名事項。動詞作計算、認為。例句:Count the cups on the table.(數一下桌上的杯子。)

negligence:名詞,疏忽、粗心。例句:Secret data show there were over 1000 medical negligence claims against the NHS in the past five years.(秘密資料顯示過去5年內對英國國民健保服務有超過1000起的醫療疏失索賠。)

abruptly:副詞,突然地、唐突地。例句:I was woken up abruptly this morning.(我今早突然被驚醒。)


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