UK intelligence needs to do more to recruit middle-aged women and mothers to be spies, using websites like Mumsnet, according to senior MPs.


In a report, the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) said such women were an "untapped recruitment pool" for MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.


It said more than half of the civil service were women, but the figure was 37% in the intelligence agencies.


Hazel Blears, the Labour MP who led the report, called for a culture change.


Ms Blears said: "I personally want women to be attracted to a career in intelligence and to feel there is the prospect of real advancement."


She highlighted the particular skills mothers have in building relationships – a vital talent for spies trying to recruit informants.


Mrs Blears said: "If all intelligence professionals are cut from the same cloth – sharing similar backgrounds and characteristics – then they are likely to share ’unacknowledged biases’ that will circumscribe both the definition of problems and the search for solutions."


Mrs Blears said the need for MI6 officers to be able to deploy abroad – sometimes at short notice – could be a problem for women with children.



untapped:形容詞,未被利用的、未被開發的(資源、才能、人力等)。例句:Women are an untapped driver of economic growth.(女性是有待開發的經濟成長驅動力。)

cut from the same cloth:動詞片語,(性質、形成方式等)非常相似或一樣。例句:Politicians are cut from the same cloth.(政治人物都一樣。)

at/on short notice:介係詞片語,臨時(告知、通知)、沒太多事前準備時間或警示。例句:My landlord asked me to move out at very short notice.(我房東臨時要我馬上搬家。)


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