Monkey brings electrocuted friend back to life 猴子協助遭電擊的友伴起死回生

Onlookers at a train station in northern India watched in awe a monkey using all his powers to bring back to life another monkey who was electrocuted and fell unconscious on the rail tracks.


The unconscious monkey fell down between the tracks, apparently after touching high-tension wires at the train station in the northern Indian city of Kanpur.


His companion came to the rescue and was captured on camera lifting the friend’s motionless body, shaking it, dipping it into a mud puddle and biting its head and skin - until the monkey came to after few minutes.


The first monkey, completely covered in mud, opened its eyes and began moving again.


Crowds of travelers watched in amazement the monkey giving first aid from the train platform, filming and snapping pictures. AP



bring back to life:慣用語,起死回生。例句:An Australian man who was clinically dead for 40 minutes was brought back to life, thanks to a relatively new CPR procedure.(拜一種較新的CPR程序之賜,一名臨床上死了40分鐘的澳洲男子起死回生。)

come to the rescue:慣用語,拯救。例句:Members of a Boy Scout troop out for a Christmas paddle on the Congaree River near Columbia, South Carolina came to the rescue when the pilot of a single-engine plane was forced to make an emergency water landing.(一支前往南卡羅萊納州首府哥倫比亞附近的康加里河進行耶誕泛舟活動的童軍團成員,拯救一名緊急迫降水面的單引擎小飛機駕駛。)

come to:動詞,甦醒,恢復意識。

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