Berlin 2024 Games plan is on thin financial ice-expert 專家柏林2024奧運計畫因財政問題如履薄冰

Berlin’s potential 2024 Olympic bid could be the wrong financial decision with the city deep in debt and lacking the infrastructure to host such a global event, the German Institute for Economic Research DIW said on Wednesday.


Berlin, which staged the Games in 1936, and Hamburg are battling for the green light from the German sports authorities to launch a bid for the 2024 summer Olympics.


Berlin officials have not provided a specific figure yet but some estimates put the projected cost at about 2.5 billion euros, roughly the same as past Games.


However, that does not include any other related investment in infrastructure that may not be directly linked to the competitions but may be necessary for the event.


These generally include access roads, upgrading of public transportation and airports among other things which can command a total outlay several times larger than the Games budget.



in debt:片語,負債。例句:I am in debt to her for 500 dollars.(我欠她500元。)

roughly:副詞,大約、粗暴地。例句:He threw the package roughly in the car.(他把行李粗暴地丟入車內。)

outlay:名詞,花費、費用。如outlays for education.(教育經費。)

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