South Korean gets plastic surgery ahead of robbery spreepolice 警方:一名南韓人瘋狂搶劫前先做整型手術

Police in South Korea say a man who was jailed for theft a decade ago had plastic surgery to obscure his identity and embark on a nine-month robbery spree beginning last April that netted cash and goods worth more than $479,000.


The 35-year-old-man was arrested on March 23 for 87 cases of robbery across the country, a police officer in the city of Incheon said by telephone.


The police officer said the suspect, who had been jailed for robbery in 2005, underwent surgery to alter the structure of his jaw and also procedures to stretch his limbs to gain height.


The suspect confessed to the robberies but said he had the surgery because he did not like his appearance, the officer said.


South Korea is home to more than 4,000 plastic surgery clinics and has the world’s highest rate of cosmetic procedures.


The suspect devised his own tools to disable digital locks to break into houses, the police officer said. Reuters



embark on:片語動詞,指從事、進行、乘船、上飛機。例句:He has embarked on a world tour.(他正進行一場世界之旅。)

confess to:片語動詞,指承認做過。例句:He confessed to the police.(他向警方坦承犯行。)

be home to:片語動詞,指所在地、發源地。例句:That drain is home to mice and cockroaches.(那處排水溝是老鼠及蟑螂的大本營。)

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