North Korea Online shopping site launched 北韓:購物網站開張

North Korea’s government says it has launched an online shopping website. The state-run site, called Okryu, offers a range of products including food and medicines, according to official news agency KCNA.


While it says the site is "aimed at promoting convenience for the people", it’s not clear how many will actually be able to use it, as internet access is extremely limited outside of elite circles.


Some people can use the country’s own state-controlled intranet - known as Kwangmyong - via their smartphones, but computers are prohibitively expensive for the average worker and ownership requires government approval.


"While it is questionable how accessible it is to regular people, North Korea can easily manage an online shopping mall with its technology," North Korean economy expert Hong Soon-jik tells South Korea’s JoongAng Daily.

北韓經濟專家Hong Soon-jik告訴南韓「中央日報」:「雖然不確定一般百姓有多少人能存取這個網站,但北韓擁有的科技足以輕鬆管理一個線上購物商場。」


circle:名詞,圈子,集團。例句:She’s not one of my close circle of friends.(她不算我閨密。)

prohibitively:副詞,(費用)讓人望之卻步地。例句:Property in the area tends to be prohibitively expensive.(這個地區的房價,越來越讓人望之卻步。)

questionable:形容詞,不確定的;值得懷疑的。例句:It is questionable whether this goal can be achieved.(能不能達到這個目標還有問題。)

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