Ooowl, that hurt! Rogue bird sows terror in Dutch city 啊,痛啊!壞鳥在荷蘭城市散播恐懼

The northern Dutch town of Purmerend has advised residents to arm themselves with an umbrella when going out at night after a mysterious spate of bloody rogue owl attacks.


Over the last three weeks, the European eagle owl has silently swooped on dozens of residents of the usually peaceful town, with many victims requiring hospital treatment.


The latest aerial assault on Tuesday evening saw two members of a local athletics club attacked, with one runner requiring stitches for six head wounds caused by the nocturnal bird of prey’s talons.


The club has cancelled all training until further notice.


"During the day there’s no problem, but at night we now only venture outside armed with umbrellas, helmets and hats, anything really, to protect ourselves," said Liselotte de Bruijn, the spokeswoman of a local facility for the handicapped.


"We hope the city will soon catch this rogue bird." AFP




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