The autobiography of "Little House on the Prairie" author Laura Ingalls Wilder has become a surprise publishing hit in America, with buyers rushing to snap up the candid account of pioneer life.


First published in November by the tiny South Dakota Historical Society Press, "Pioneer Girl" depicts an view of the 19th century Midwest, a marked departure from the bucolic imagery of the "Little House" series.


The book "is Laura Ingalls’ very first draft before it was edited and romanticized," the press’s director Koupal told AFP.


"We decided to keep this version, because it was as close to the original story of the 19th century pioneers. We wanted to show, in a sense, a behind the scenes of ’The Little House.’"


Wilder first wrote the book in 1930 and it has been annotated by Pamela Hill Smith, who researched all the places and dates Wilder mentioned.


In "Pioneer Girl," Wilder details 16 years of travels by her family through an array of Midwestern states including Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.(AFP)



snap up:動詞片語,搶購。例句:When they see your work, they’ll snap up!(當他們看到你的作品,他們會來搶購!)

bucolic:形容詞,田園的、鄉下的。例句:The war interrupted his bucolic plans, but only briefly.(戰爭打斷了他的田園生活計畫,但只有一陣子。)

behind-the-scenes:形容詞,幕後、私下。例句:There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes lobbying for more money.(有許多為了牟取更多金錢的幕後遊說活動。)


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