Amazing Argentina

南美洲之旅 ── 驚艷阿根廷

Argentina is a large South American country with a lot of variety regarding its history, people, culture, and geography. The Spanish first landed there in 1502, with Spain taking control of it and sending people there about a decade later. Later, Argentinians fought a war against Spain between 1810 and 1818, resulting in Argentina’s independence. However, not long after that, the country went through a long civil war that lasted until 1861. This was followed by a period of rapid population and economic growth. In fact, Argentina was one of the 15 richest countries in the world at one time.
Today, Argentina is a democratic country known for its cultural attractions. An example of this is the tango, which is both a style of music and a type of dance. In addition, the capital, Buenos Aires, is famous as a center for theater. The country has some amazing places to visit as well, including Iguazu National Park and Patagonia.


阿根廷是南美洲的一個大國,在歷史、人文和地理上都有豐富的多樣性。西班牙人於 1502 年首次來到阿根廷,大約十年之後,西班牙帝國掌控了一切,並且把人民送到阿根廷來。後來,在 1810 1818 年間,阿根廷人發動一場對抗西班牙的戰爭,阿根廷因此獲得獨立。然而,不久之後,阿根廷歷經了一場漫長的內戰,這場內戰一直持續到 1861 年才結束。隨之而來的,是人口與經濟快速成長的時期。事實上,阿根廷曾一度是世界上十五個最富庶的國家之一。



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