Wild Trampoline Attraction Brings People Back to Old Mine


Opened in 2014, an attraction called Bounce Below offers amusement for visitors, who can bounce around on three levels of trampolines. For a little more than NT$1,000, people are allowed to spend an hour jumping around on the trampolines. They can also travel down tubes that connect the trampolines in a manner somewhat similar to using the slides at a water park. The tallest trampoline is 55 meters above the bottom of a cavern. Flashing LED lights add to the enjoyment and decorate the old slate mine in a variety of colors. Visitors who have tried it describe Bounce Below as a great, but tiring experience. It is interesting to wonder what those who worked in the mine in Victorian England would have thought of Bounce Below.


有一個叫做 Bounce Below 的觀光景點在 2014 年對外開放,Bounce Below 為遊客帶來了歡樂,遊客可以在三層彈簧床上跳躍。花費約新台幣一千多元,人們就有一個小時的時間,可以在這些彈簧床之間跳來跳去。人們也可以利用有點像是在水上樂園玩滑水道的方式,滑下連接彈簧床的管狀通道。最高的彈簧床離洞穴底部有五十五公尺高。閃爍的 LED 燈增添了樂趣,把古老的板岩礦穴點綴得五彩繽紛。嘗試過這項活動的遊客形容在 Bounce Below 玩彈簧床是一個很棒、但也很累人的體驗。有趣的是,不知道英國維多利亞時代的礦坑工人對 Bounce Below 這個景點會有什麼想法。 



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