A six-year-old girl asks her mother, - "Mommy, how old are you?"
The mother replies, - "Honey, that's a very personal question. You
are not supposed to ask a woman her age."

Then she asks, - " How much do you weigh?"

The mother says, - "Honey, that is also a personal question. People
don't want to be asked about their weight."

The girl goes on, - "Mommy, why did you and daddy get a divorce?"

The mother says, - "That's a very sensitive subject. When you are
older, I'll tell you."

The next day, the girl goes to the kindergarten and tells her friend
about the conversation she had with her mother. Her friend says, -
"That's easy!! Look at her driver's license. You can find all the
information in there."

So the girl finds her mother's driver's license in her purse, looks at
it for a while, smiles big, and runs to her mother. - "Mommy, mommy, I
know how old you are! You are 32! I know how much you weigh, too! You
weigh 130 pounds! And I also know why you got a divorce! You got an
"F" in sex! "




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