A floral odor was described by people with one version of a gene as aromatic, but by those with a different variation as sour.


There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who can smell the roses and those who can’t. Our ability to smell certain odors appears to be hardwired genetically.


Researchers conducted blind smell tests. They then compared the results with participants’ DNA. Detection of four odors—emanating from apples, blue cheese, malt and flowers—could be linked to DNA variations.


A rose-related odor, due to the compound beta-ionone, was described by people with one version of a specific gene as “floral” and “aromatic”. But those with a different variation of the gene said things like “vinegar” and “sour.”


It seems our genes change how we experience the world. That’s important to know if you’re designing soap and want to add a dash of beta-ionone for a fresh floral scent─some consumers may find it disgusting.


Remember that the next time someone finds your homemade apple pie revolting. The fault may lie not in your cooking but in their nose.



aromatic:形容詞,芳香的。例句:Aromatic herbs are often used in cooking.(芳草常用於烹調。)

detection:名詞,發現。例句:My detection of the scent of baked apple pie led me to the kitchen.(我對烤蘋果派味道的察覺,引領我走到廚房。)

emanate:動詞,(氣體等)發出,散發出。例句:Happiness seems to emanate from her.(幸福的味道似乎從她身上散發出來。)


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