Investigators are taking drones to new heights — using the remote-controlled aircraft to catch New Yorkers cheating on spouses, lying about disabilities and endangering their kids.


Olwyn Triggs, president of Professional Investigators Network Inc., recently used a drone to find an upstate man suspected of insurance fraud. Signs on his rural property warned that trespassers would be shot, so she sent in her Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter.


“You need to think outside the box when someone’s acutely aware,” she said.


PIs are also using drones to catch cheating spouses.


Matthew Seifer recently pretended to test-fly a drone in Central Park. He was actually recording a husband fooling around with a female coworker from 100 feet away.


In another recent case, Seifer was having trouble tailing a fast-driving Long Island doctor suspected of hanky-panky. So the PI parked behind a steakhouse where the doc had taken a lover.


“We raised the drone above the restaurant, [and] he was engaged in a sexual act in the front seat of his car,” the investigator said. “[Drones] get us those types of money shots.”



private eye: (俚語)名詞,私家偵探。例句: He hired a private eye to spy on his wife.(他僱用私家偵探監視他的太太。)

hanky-panky: (俚語)名詞,騙人、詐欺的手段;因違法或不道德而秘密所為之事,偷情。例句:Joe was caught having hanky-panky with his co-workers.(喬被逮到和同事搞曖昧。)

think outside the box: 動詞片語,跳脫傳統框架思考。例句:We should think outside the box when dealing with situations like this.(處理這類情況時,我們應該有創新思維。)



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