New Map Knows Noise 新地圖知道哪裡有噪音

National Park Service researchers recorded ambient sound from all over the country to find out where there’s still stillness.

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RMS Titanic 鐵達尼號

On April 12, 1912, the RMS Titanic left Southhampton, England for New York City carrying 2,224 passengers and crew. At the time, the Titanic was the biggest ship to ever set sail. People around the world were amazed at the ship’s size and the engineering feat it took to get 52,310 tons of steel to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

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Russian model Alisa Krylova canceled her order for the latest Mercedes, spent New Year in Moscow rather than skiing in the Alps and now employs Russian staff rather than foreigners.


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Amazing Argentina

南美洲之旅 ── 驚艷阿根廷

Argentina is a large South American country with a lot of variety regarding its history, people, culture, and geography. The Spanish first landed there in 1502, with Spain taking control of it and sending people there about a decade later. Later, Argentinians fought a war against Spain between 1810 and 1818, resulting in Argentina’s independence. However, not long after that, the country went through a long civil war that lasted until 1861. This was followed by a period of rapid population and economic growth. In fact, Argentina was one of the 15 richest countries in the world at one time.
Today, Argentina is a democratic country known for its cultural attractions. An example of this is the tango, which is both a style of music and a type of dance. In addition, the capital, Buenos Aires, is famous as a center for theater. The country has some amazing places to visit as well, including Iguazu National Park and Patagonia.

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Wild Trampoline Attraction Brings People Back to Old Mine


Opened in 2014, an attraction called Bounce Below offers amusement for visitors, who can bounce around on three levels of trampolines. For a little more than NT$1,000, people are allowed to spend an hour jumping around on the trampolines. They can also travel down tubes that connect the trampolines in a manner somewhat similar to using the slides at a water park. The tallest trampoline is 55 meters above the bottom of a cavern. Flashing LED lights add to the enjoyment and decorate the old slate mine in a variety of colors. Visitors who have tried it describe Bounce Below as a great, but tiring experience. It is interesting to wonder what those who worked in the mine in Victorian England would have thought of Bounce Below.


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Taste the Rainbow


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North Korea Online shopping site launched 北韓:購物網站開張

North Korea’s government says it has launched an online shopping website. The state-run site, called Okryu, offers a range of products including food and medicines, according to official news agency KCNA.

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South Korean gets plastic surgery ahead of robbery spreepolice 警方:一名南韓人瘋狂搶劫前先做整型手術

Police in South Korea say a man who was jailed for theft a decade ago had plastic surgery to obscure his identity and embark on a nine-month robbery spree beginning last April that netted cash and goods worth more than $479,000.


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Monkey brings electrocuted friend back to life 猴子協助遭電擊的友伴起死回生

Onlookers at a train station in northern India watched in awe a monkey using all his powers to bring back to life another monkey who was electrocuted and fell unconscious on the rail tracks.

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Berlin 2024 Games plan is on thin financial ice-expert 專家柏林2024奧運計畫因財政問題如履薄冰

Berlin’s potential 2024 Olympic bid could be the wrong financial decision with the city deep in debt and lacking the infrastructure to host such a global event, the German Institute for Economic Research DIW said on Wednesday.


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Rocket blasts off with NASA satellite to track climate change 搭載NASA衛星的火箭升空,以追蹤氣候變遷

An unmanned Delta 2 rocket lifted off from California on Saturday carrying a NASA satellite to measure how much water is in Earth’s soil, information that will help weather forecasting and tracking of global climate change.

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Time now to act on looming water crisis, UN warns 該是對迫在眉睫的缺水危機採取行動的時候了,聯合國警告

Without reforms, the world will be plunged into a water crisis, the United Nations warned.


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German employers get creative to skirt new minimum wage 德國雇主為了規避最低工資新規定大展創意

From charging slaughterhouse workers for their knives to compensating staff with tanning salon vouchers, German employers are coming up with creative ways to avoid paying a new minimum wage, angering unions.


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Dickens’ desk saved for public display thanks to grant 多虧了補助金,狄更斯的桌子被救回公開展覽

The desk where Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations is finally on public display thanks to a £780,000 grant.


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The president and CEO of The Associated Press called for changes to international laws that would make it a war crime to kill journalists or take them hostage.


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Boston’s St.Patrick’s Day parade has made history as two gay and lesbian groups were welcomed by the organizers after decades of opposition.


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UK intelligence needs to do more to recruit middle-aged women and mothers to be spies, using websites like Mumsnet, according to senior MPs.


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Turing’s Code-Breaking Machine Wasn’t Really Named ‘Christopher’

One of the more touching things in Imitation Game is the moment when Turing tells Joan Clarke that he’s named the computer he’s working on “Christopher” (after Turing’s first love—Joan doesn’t know that part, though). The real machine was called the Bombe (or “Victory”). “That was my invention,” Moore says. The idea is based on the belief held by Turing’s biographer Hodges and many other historians that Turing’s fascination with computers and artificial intelligence came from their friendship, which ended early when Morcom died at age 18 from tuberculosis. “Turing wrote extensively about whether or not this technology could be used to keep a person’s mind alive,” Moore says “I think his entire lifelong pursuit of artificial intelligence was all about bringing Christopher back. Naming the machine Christopher was a dramatic way for us to show that very real lifelong obsession.”

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SCREENWRITER GRAHAM MOORE is a self-described Alan Turing obsessive: He went to space camp andcomputer programming camp as a teenager, so the famed mathematician loomed large, “like a campfire legend or something.” Turing’s life ultimately proved so inspirational to Moore that bringing his story to the big screen became a life goal.

“Once I became a writer I would go to my agents once a year and say, ‘Hey, there’s this movie I really want to write about a gay English mathematician who commits suicide after the Second World War,'” Moore remembers. “And they were like, ‘That’s a big Hollywood movie!’ … No, they did not say that at all. They were like, ‘Please don’t ever write that; no one will ever finance that movie.'”

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It was a brief meeting in New York between two ambitious politicians understood to be fervently seeking top office in their respective countries.


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