Nobody wanted the Zimbabwe dollar, so the southern African country dumped it for the U.S. dollar in 2009 to stave off economic collapse and sky-rocketing hyperinflation.


Now nobody wants the "bond coins" it put in circulation last month to replace the lollipops, chewing gum and pens that have been used in lieu of change for transactions in shops.


The new coins have the same denominations and value as U.S. cents but can only be used in Zimbabwe.


Trouble is, not many people want to use them because they think they will not be able to persuade others to accept them. Some also fear the coins could be a first step towards the return of the dreaded Zimbabwe dollar.


The scepticism is rooted in the memories Zimbabweans have of hyperinflation, which reached 500 billion percent with prices changing more than twice a day before the government of President Robert Mugabe abandoned a currency that had been rendered worthless.



stave off:動詞片語,擊退、避開。例句:Excisering can help you look younger, feel fitter, stave off illness.(運動能幫你看起來年輕、感覺身材緊實、趕跑病魔。)


dreaded:形容詞,令人畏懼的、可怕的,動詞為dread,懼怕、擔心。例句:I dread the day I will have to leave my family.(我害怕離開家人的那一天。)


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