A landscape by Claude Monet has been found in a suitcase the late German collector Cornelius Gurlitt had with him during a hospital stay, the latest piece to emerge from his long-hidden art trove.


The suitcase was left at the hospital for unknown reasons, and was handed over earlier this week to the court-appointed administrator of Gurlitt’s estate, the task force investigating the pieces’ origin said Friday.


The latest find comes after officials in July reported finding a few more works at Gurlitt’s Munich apartment, including a sculpture apparently by Edgar Degas.


Like the Monet, they weren’t among 1,280 pieces authorities seized from the apartment in 2012 while investigating a tax case, a collection that included works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall. It wasn’t immediately clear where the Monet was kept and why it wasn’t seized.



landscape:名詞,風景畫。例句:J.M.W. Turner is one of Britain’s best-known landscape painters.(透納是英國最著名的風景畫畫家之一。)

hand over:片語,交出。例句:We were ordered to hand over our passports.(有人命令我們交出護照。)

origin:名詞,來源,來歷。例句:The story has obscure origins.(這故事的起源已不可考。)

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