A repair café is a free face-to-face meeting of skilled volunteers and local residents who want things fixed. Many run as a weekly, monthly or seasonal "drop-in" space at a local workshop or community centre, or offer stalls at a local fair or park.


Visitors bring broken items from home and watch, learn or help as the repairs get done. Some things are fixed during the event, while for more challenging items people might be referred to local speciality repair shops.


Volunteers aren’t necessarily tradespeople but they are tinkerers. Many visitors to repair cafés end up becoming repairers themselves.


The list of items successfully repaired at repair cafés is huge: bikes, clothing, cameras, mobile phones, computers, lawnmowers, luggage, lamps, toasters, CD players, microwaves – basically, almost anything you can physically bring along.


The first repair café was set up in Amsterdam in 2009, and the Repair Café Foundation says there are now more than 400 around the world.



bin:名詞,指儲物容器或垃圾箱;動詞,指放入儲物箱中。例句:Throw it in the bin.(把它丟進垃圾桶。)

drop- in:名詞,指短暫且偶然的來訪、不速之客等;形容詞,指可隨時造訪的、無須預約的、供短期使用的。例句:Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before he really quit.(史蒂夫‧賈伯斯在前6個月後即自里德學院休學,但到他真正離開前,當時又以旁聽生身分在那裡待了18個月左右。)

end up:動詞片語,指最終變成、最後處於。例句:He thought he was going to hate this job, but he ended up enjoying himself.(他以為他會討厭這份工作,但他最後卻樂在其中。)

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