Rick Snyder, a 69-year-old resident of Manatee County, Florida, refused to sit still after he retired. Instead, he tended to one of his passions outside of work: caring for the feral cats living throughout his community.


"I’ve always liked animals. I’ve been taking care of feral cats for years and I started noticing a lot of change laying around," Snyder said. "So I started picking it up and keeping track of it."


Since having this idea more than 10 years ago, Snyder has managed to collect $21,495 in loose change weighing more than 1 metric ton.


Waking up around 4 a.m. each day, Snyder would walk through town, and gather coins from vacuums at local car washes and vending machines along his way to take care of the cats. He said that he walks anywhere between 45 and 48 miles each week and collects an average of $5.60 in change each day.


After beginning the collection process, Snyder set an initial goal of $10,000 for himself. Once he surpassed his second goal of $20,000, however, he decided to give it all away to the Gulf Shore Animal League, a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers.


Cheryl Wade, the president of the organization, said that Synder’s donation is the largest they have ever received from a single individual.



tend (to):注意、關心。例句:You’d better tend to your own affairs.(你還是管好自己的事吧。)

keep track:在此指持續記錄,也有了解之意。例句:From now on I am going to keep track of every cent I spend.(從現在起,我要了解我的每分錢用在哪裡。)

loose change:零錢。例句:TSA collected $531,000 in loose change last year.(美國運輸安全局去年蒐集到53萬1000美元的零錢。)

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