The Venezuelan government has started to fingerprint shoppers at some state-run supermarkets, in a plan to combat food scarcity which has been derided by some consumers weary of shortages.


Shoppers have struggled for more than a year to find basic goods including powdered milk and cooking oil, as well as certain medicines and diapers. Currency controls implemented over a decade ago under the late President Hugo Chavez mean importers do not have the U.S. dollars required for imports.


Amid growing frustration, the government said last month it would install a biometric system to weed out smugglers and hoarders, whom President Nicolas Maduro blames for the shortages.


Around 785,000 people have been registered in six state-run food store chains across the country, the Information Ministry said in a statement.


The government said on Thursday that it had arrested 794 suspected smugglers since early August as part of a campaign to stop food and other subsidized products being sold across Venezuela’s borders, mainly in neighboring Colombia.



deride:動詞,嘲弄、嘲笑。例句:Adam derided our efforts, but were forced to eat his words when we won the prize.(亞當嘲笑我們的努力,但當我們得獎時,他不得不認錯。)

weed out:片語,清除、淘汰。例句:We have to weed out the weakest player before tourment begins.(我們必須在巡迴賽之前淘汰最弱的球員。)

smuggler:名詞,走私犯;動詞為smuggle,指走私。例句:The antique clock had been smuggled out of the country before the war.(這個骨董鐘在戰前已遭走私出國。)



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