After a spate of arrests and bad publicity, the costumed characters who pose for tourist photographs in New York’s Times Square in the hopes of a cash tip have formed an association to preserve a livelihood that has come under increasing scrutiny.


Dozens of people dressed as Spider-Man, Batman, Elmo, Mickey Mouse and other children’s favorites, roam the crowded sidewalks and pedestrian plazas around Times Square each day, beckoning toward passing kids and their camera-toting parents.


But city officials from the mayor down have painted them as pests who harass the city’s visitors. Police have arrested several performers in recent months, and began handing out flyers at the weekend telling tourists to call the 911 emergency number with any complaints about the characters.


The new association - a sort of cross between an informal union and The Justice League - wants to fight back against that image, according to Yamil Morales, one of the group’s organizers. (Reuters)



bad press:名詞,負面批評。press,名詞,評論或報導,特別是平面媒體的評論或報導。

fight back(at someone or something):慣用語,(對某人或某事)反擊。例句:It is quite difficult for her to fight back against three of them by herself.(她1個人要反擊他們3人並非易事。)

in the hopes of:慣用語,形容期待某事。例句:The suspect is cooperating with police in hopes of reducing his sentence.(嫌犯與警方合作盼能藉此減輕刑責。)



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