British people trust Wikipedia more than the mainstream media, the information site’s founder Jimmy Wales said Sunday, at the close of a three-day conference of the Wikimedia movement in London.


A YouGov poll of almost 2,000 British adults found 64 percent trust the authors of Wikipedia entries to tell the truth "a great deal" or "a fair amount".


This compared to 61 percent who trusted BBC news journalists, 45 percent who trusted journalists on broadsheet newspapers such as The Times and The Guardian, and 13 percent for journalists on tabloids such as The Sun.


Wales acknowledged that the online encyclopedia -- which relies on the public for its contributions and corrections -- was "flawed" but said that people "turn to us for reliable, solid information....We do a decent job of it."


The YouGov survey revealed however that the traditional Encyclopaedia Britannica is viewed as the most reliable source of information by far, trusted by 83 percent of respondents.


After three days of discussions, the "Wikimania" annual event closed with a moment of silence for contributors who had died in the past year. This included Ihor Kostenko, a 22-year-old Ukrainian geography student who was shot dead in pro-European protests in Kiev in February. Wales named him "Wikipedian of the year".(AFP)



a great (good) deal:片語,大量、非常、極其。例句:She likes to swim a great deal.(她非常喜歡游泳。)

such as:片語,諸如、例如。例句:There are few poets such as Keats and Shelley.(像濟慈與雪萊的詩人現在很少了。)

turn to:片語,求助於、求教於、查閱。例句:One can always turn to music for comfort.(人總是可以從音樂中得到安慰。)



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