The man who governs Asia’s most important financial center spends most of his time these days holed up in his official residence with stewards catering to him as he tries to negotiate an end to protests that have gripped Hong Kong for 11 days.


The city government, led by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, appeared to be headed for confrontation with protesters as recently as Sunday night, after he publicly demanded that streets be cleared for the workday Monday morning.


Instead, after students agreed to initial talks with the city and permitted government workers to return to their offices Monday, the ultimatum came and went without police action.


Mr. Leung is now banking on talks with student protest leaders to end the crisis, said a senior official close to him.


A breakthrough to end the protests still appears a long way off. Students are demanding changes to the way Hong Kong elects its chief executive starting in 2017 to make the process more democratic, but Beijing and Hong Kong leaders have signaled they won’t budge on core elements of the plan.



hole up:動詞,(俚語)躲藏、暫時留宿、監禁。例句:These bank robbers had holed up in the mountains for months before they were arrested.(這批銀行強盜犯被捕前,曾藏匿在這處山區好幾個月。)

bank on:動詞,指望、依靠。例句:I’m banking on you to bring me something to eat.(我正指望你帶些吃的給我。)

budge:動詞,動搖、改變(立場、意見)。例句:Jeff is so determined that he won’t budge an inch on this issue.(傑夫很堅持,他在這件事上絕對不會改變心意。)



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