A Utah cat has used up one of its nine lives after it was discovered near death and trapped in a wall of an empty house that was listed for sale.


Named "Lazarus" by staff at the Utah Humane Society, the 4-year-old male Lynx Point and Siamese mix was found last month at the height of Utah’s steamy summer heat, Carl Arky, a spokesman for the society, said on Thursday.


He said a female appraiser working at the home in Layton, about 25 miles north of Salt Lake City, heard noises coming from behind a sheetrock wall and made a hole to rescue the cat.


Temperatures in the home were thought to be well above 100 Fahrenheit, as it was unoccupied and the air conditioner was off.


"He was near death’s door," said Arky. "I give a lot of credit to that women who drilled a hole in the wall to get him out." (Reuters)



use up something/use something up:慣用語,用光,用罄。例句:He gets a whole month of vacation but he uses it up before the year was half over.(他有一整個月的假期,卻在這一年還沒過完一半就全用完了。)

at the height of something:慣用語,形容在…最盛之際。例句:At the height of the wedding party, there were 500 people present.(那場婚禮派對最熱鬧時有500人在場。)

give credit to someone:慣用語,對某人有信心,讚揚歸功某人。

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