If the Socialist government gets its way, visitors to France’s three most touristic museums — the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay and Versailles Palace — may get to visit seven days a week in coming years.


But a powerful labor union could get in the way.


As part of the government’s 2015 budget bill, the Culture Ministry announced this week it plans to give the museums the "necessary means" to open every day. Versailles and Orsay are closed Mondays, while the Louvre is shut on Tuesdays.


Christian Galani of the CGT labor union, which represents most workers at the museums, said Thursday it opposes the idea. He said it would ultimately hurt maintenance and raise overtime work costs.



gets one’s way:片語,隨心所欲、為所欲為。例句:My little brother always gets his own way.(我的小弟總是為所欲為。)

get(stand)in the way:片語,妨礙,阻攔。例句:You know I won’t stand in your way if you want to apply for a job abroad.(如果你想應徵國外的工作,我是不會攔你的。)

means:名詞,工具。例句:We need to find some other means of transportation.(我們得尋找其他交通工具了。)

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