Norway plans to rent prison space in the Netherlands as the queue of convicts awaiting cells is growing and renovation work at Norwegian jails is expected to cut capacity, the justice ministry said on Monday.


"At the moment, the queue is at 1,300 custodial sentences, and there is a great demand for detention space," it said in a statement. "The Netherlands has already leased prison capacity to Belgium for several years."


Norwegian prisons are known for their relatively humane treatment of inmates, with non-violent offenders often held in open prisons with some free personal movement, jobs, recreation facilities and focus on rehabilitation.



A deal for several hundred prison places would allow Norway to avoid overcrowding and maintain its standards while prison renovation work costing up to 4.4 billion crowns ($700 million) is carried out.


The Nordic country’s incarceration rate is around 72 for each 100,000 people, about a tenth of the level in the United States, and its re-offending rate of around 20 percent is among the lowest in the world.



lease:動詞,出租;名詞,指租約、租賃物。例句:They took out a two-year lease on the house.(他們解除房子為期2年的租約。)

rehabilitation: 名詞,修復、恢復。例句:Thomas will need to do months of physical rehabilitation after a knee surgery.(湯馬斯在膝蓋手術後需要做數月的身體復健。)動詞為rehabilitate。例句:The country is trying to rehabilitate its slum areas.(國家正試著重整貧民窟地區。)

incarceration:名詞,監禁(不限於監獄)。例句:His conviction of a robbery led to his incarceration.(他因搶劫被定罪進而入獄。)



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